Pax Stereo Tv Original Programs

Enjoy the growing family of Pax Stereo Tv Original Programming. We are supporting artists, producers, directors and more throughout the independent community. Enjoy!

Beast and the Booty

The Official Beast and & the Booty Tv Channel - Current Events & Celebrity Happenings (HD - High Definition Program)

Create Your Label

Learn how and WHY to create your own personal music label and Tv (Internet television) channel. Hosted by Pax Stereo Tv CEO, Mario Hemsley. (LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST THURSDAYS 11:30AM PST)

HipHop Republican Tv

The Official HipHop Republican Internet Television Channel - Hosted by Shirley Husar (LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST FRIDAYS 11:30AM PST)

Homeless Not Helpless

The Official Homeless Not Helpless Tv Channel - News & Information For Today's Homeless Communities - Hosted by Rodney Porter (Homeless Reporter & Ambassador To All Things Possible). (HD - High Definition Program)

the LZ

(Local Events and Celeb Happenings) All the hot celebrity happenings and events going down in the greater Los Angeles area.

Morning Coffee

(Live Broadcast Daily Mon-Wed) ( The Beta testing of the new live streaming show "Morning Coffee with Mario Hemsley". (Talkshow Series) LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST MONDAY-WEDNESDAY 10:00AM PST Live Callers In All Shows! (646) 652-4891)

The TreLuv Show

( Adult Comedy Talk Show Series -- Hosted by Louis "TreLuv" Smith Comedian Extroardinaire (08-03-10)

Virtually Uncut

(Adult Talk Show Series) GENRE: ADULT TALKSHOW FORMAT/CONTEMPORARY ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Stimulating, provocative subjects revolving around relationships and sex. Hosted by Mario Hemsley and Stephanie Raye. Also covering politics, entertainment, and current events. More information at Pax Stereo Tv - (LIVE IN-STUDIO BROADCAST TUESDAYS 6:00PM PST)



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